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Creativity & Success Crystal Kit


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Designed to stimulate your creativity and allow success to flow in, this Creativity & Success Crystal Kit is perfect for small business owners! It contains four gorgeous crystals, a crystal card, and a black velvet pouch to store your crystals or carry them with you.

This beautiful kit is tastefully presented in a black gift box.

  • Rose Quartz | Femininity, Love & Kindness
    Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love that carries soft, feminine energy. It opens and cleanses the heart chakra, allowing vibrations of love to flow freely and without fear. It promotes healthy and harmonious relationships of all kinds and can be effective for attracting new love. Rose Quartz also raises your self-esteem and promotes self-love.

  • Citrine |  Creativity, Abundance & Success
    Citrine is a stone of self-confidence, courage, and individuality. It has a very joyful and uplifting energy as it possesses the healing properties of the Sun. It's perfect to assist you in manifesting prosperity, success, and abundance into your life. Citrine also helps you to remain in the present moment, bringing hope, excitement, and optimism.

  • Green Aventurine |  Prosperity, Courage & Leadership
    Green Aventurine is believed to be one of the luckiest stones for manifesting prosperity, abundance, and career success. It helps you to attract new opportunities into your life. It is beneficial for anyone in a leadership position as it promotes courage, authenticity, compassion, and decisiveness. Green Aventurine also opens the heart chakra and aids in healing and soothing painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood.

  • Tiger's Eye |  Confidence, Willpower & Vitality
    Tiger's Eye carries the energies of a combination of Sun and Earth elements, making it a powerful stone of both grounding and energizing vibrations. It gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and take action to achieve your goals. It amplifies the energies of other crystals as well as your personal intentions. Tiger's Eye can also help you to feel confident and self-empowered, reducing the need for approval from other people.

  • Quality
    Due to the nature of crystals, each piece is wonderfully unique and it might have slight differences and variations in color, size, and shape - which will not affect in any way its quality and properties.

  • Sustainability & Sourcing
    Our crystals have been consciously and ethically sourced, and most of them come from family-owned mines. We are intentional with every crystal that comes into our shop and most of them are hand-picked from all over the world.

  • Complimentary Crystal Card
    This Crystal Kit comes with an information card with the keywords associated with each crystal. 

  • Complimentary Pouch
    This Crystal Kit comes with a Black Velvet Pouch that you can use to store and carry your crystals with you.

  • Origin

  • Your purchase includes:
    - 1 Creativity & Success Crystal Kit
    - 1 Crystal Card
    - 1 Black Velvet Pouch
    - 1 Gift Box

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