Moonlistic was born out of a passion for holistic and meaningful items that can add magic to our day-to-day lives, bringing happiness and positivity to people.

Fine jewelry, high-quality crystals, and several metaphysical items are available to support your spiritual needs or just to remind you of your intentions.

Carefully curated and beautifully designed products comprise our assortment. And a little bit of magic seals the deal to make Moonlistic a truly unique shop!

Every item purchased contributes to Animal Causes

Aligned with our mission, every quarter, we proudly donate a percentual of all the sales to non-profit organizations that serve Animal causes, including domestic animals, endangered and at-risk species, aquatic life, preservation of wildlife, and the reduction of human impact on the environment.


Moonlistic is owned and operated by Fernanda Morsch. She grew up in Brazil, moving to the United States in 2013. Like a true Gemini, she's a woman of many passions: holistic and metaphysical matters, human psychology, mental health, alternative healings, yoga, minimalism, animals, nature.. and everything in between!

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