Crystal Wishing Bottles

$11.90 $8.90
Clear Quartz
Green Aventurine
Lapis Lazuli
Rose Quartz

These Crystal Wishing Bottles have small pieces of natural tumbled stones inside and it comes with a name tag for easy identification. It has multiple uses and makes a lovely gift!

  • Amethyst
    Intuition, Healing & Peace

  • Clear Quartz
    Clarity, Awareness & Healing

  • Green Aventurine
    Prosperity, Courage & Leadership

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Inner Truth, Self-Expression & Leadership

  • Rose Quartz
    Femininity, Love & Kindness

  • Glass Bottle Size
    0.87" x 1.97" (2.2 cm x 5 cm)

  • Complimentary Crystal Card
    Each of our crystals comes with its own Crystal Card, including the keywords associated with the crystal, detailed description, element associations, chakra associations, and an affirmation.

  • Your purchase includes:
    - 1 Crystal Wishing Bottle in the selected crystal
    - 1 Crystal Card