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Nirvana Natural Incense (Myrrh)

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In a unique and handcrafted formula, Nirvana Natural Incense sticks are thicker and have a longer burning time than traditional incense sticks.

Incense is an ancient tool in metaphysical and spiritual work allowing the aromatic power to manifest in the powerful form of smoke. Smoke adds a sacredness to any ritual or practice.

    • Myrrh
      Myrrh has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It is thought to unite Heaven and Earth by awakening awareness of the higher self and can be a potent aid in meditation and self-discovery.
      It also promotes peace, clarity, and personal growth, while easing negative emotions and enhancing positive ones.

    • Specifications
      The sticks are extra wide and approximately 7 inches long. There are 9 sticks per box.

    • Features
      - Careful and artisanal manufacture
      - Natural, handmade and therapeutic incense
      - Fair-trade
      - Vegan
      - Non-toxic

    • Origin

    • Your purchase includes:
      - 1 Box of Nirvana Natural Incense (Myrrh)
      Each box comes with 9 incense sticks

      Safety note: please do not use wooden incense burners.

    Customer Reviews

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    Rebecca H.

    These incense sticks are a vibe! Incredible scents, long-lasting, and set the perfect mood. Love them!

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