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Sacred Elephant

Sacred Elephant Spécialiste Incense (O.M.G)


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A mesmerizing selection of the finest incense. Handcrafted and traditionally scented with a higher grade of pure oil than the Luxury range. Providing a deeper experience leaving you enchanted, cherishing each and every special stick.  

    • O.M.G
      Deep base notes of Assam Oud blend with the warmth of Turkish amber top notes.  Soft, warm and velvety waves of sensual delight develop into a magic obsession.

    • Specifications
      Each stick weighs just over 1.2 grams, is around 20cm long and will burn for approximately 40-45 mins. There are 15 sticks per box.

    • Features
      - Vegan
      - Ethically produced
      - Pure essential oils
      - No chemicals
      - No synthetic ingredients

    • Origin

    • Your purchase includes:
      - 1 Box of Sacred Elephant Spécialiste Incense (O.M.G)
      Each box comes with 15 incense sticks

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