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Tribal Soul

Tribal Soul Incense (White Sage & Lavender)

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Fresh earthy White Sage and sweet herbaceous Lavender combine in these sticks for a highly aromatic experience, creating a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and enabling greater ease of relaxation.

Tribal Soul is an exceptional range of hand-blended incense from Bangalore in the south of India. Inspired by Native American smudging techniques, they use sacred herbs to cleanse the environment and relax the mind and body.

Tribal Soul incense comes beautifully packaged in a slide-top box. The incense sticks are wrapped in brown paper and include a complimentary mini feather. These beautiful, earthy scents make an excellent gift or treat for yourself! 

    • White Sage
      White Sage (Salvia Apiana) has been considered sacred by Native Americans for thousands of years and has been used to drive away bad energy, cleanse and purify people and places through the technique of smudging.

    • Lavender
      Lavender, well-known for its medicinal qualities as well as its powers of protection and cleansing, symbolizes purity and cleanliness. Lavender works to soothe and calm people by restoring emotional balance. It opens the Heart Chakra and attracts loving energy.

    • Specifications
      Each Incense Stick is hand rolled in India using natural ingredients and is approx 8 inches long. It will burn for between 30-40 minutes depending upon conditions. Each packet weighs 15g (approx. 12 sticks).

    • Features
      - Handcrafted in India
      - Therapeutic incense
      - Ethically produced
      - Child-labour free
      - Eco-friendly product
    • Origin

    • Your purchase includes:
      - 1 Box of Tribal Soul Incense (White Sage & Lavender)
      Each packet weighs 15g ( approx. 12 sticks)

      Safety note: please do not use wooden incense burners.

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